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I have 960 rounds of IMI 77gr Razorcore 5.56. Projectile is the Sierra 77 gr SMK. This stuff is .62 per round when it is on sale at Midway.com. I am selling for .50 per round, thanks for looking!
Nashville, Tennessee, United States  Rifle Ammo
$0.50 20 days ago
http://peakfirearms.com/index.php/ammo/rifle-ammo/223/federal-american-eagle-223-remington-55-gr-fmj-500rd-149-after-rebate.html Federal American Eagle .223 55gr 500rd ($135 after rebate) .27 cents a round!
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States  Rifle Ammo
$135.00 4 months ago
129 handloaded rounds for PRS, selling my 6mm barrel so I don't need the ammo. Specs are in the pictures
Canon, Georgia, United States  Rifle Ammo
Check with seller 4 months ago
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