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Taran, bolt release, lifter, safety Briley hand guard add $250 otherwise stock with match saver included
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, United States  Shotguns
$1250.00 6 days ago
I have a 20 round magazine for the ORIGIN-12 for sale, It’s an almost new condition. I am selling it to purchase more 10 rounders.
Phoenix, Arizona, United States  Shotguns
$450.00 17 days ago
Tired of your Mossberg letting you down? Sick of port loading a shotgun? What if I told you that you could have inertia driven reliability AND just load the tube whenever you ran dry and the shotgun would automatically load itself? FREAKING COOL, RIG...
Omaha, Nebraska, United States  Shotguns
$1100.00 28 days ago
Tooth and Nail converted MKA 1919 12 Gauge Shotgun. In excellent condition. Low round count (<1000 rounds). Comes with a 23rnd and 10rnd magazine. Runs with AAs 1 1/8 ounce at 1145fps and JM Pro slugs. Over $2300 into it. Asking $1750 shipped. SAS...
Huber Heights, Ohio, United States  Shotguns
$1750.00 1 month ago
3 gun ready benelli m2 with all TTI parts! never used in comp.
Lompoc, California, United States  Shotguns
$2000.00 1 month ago

Roth Performance Custom Comp Quad Vacum Port Shotgun. This gun does not come with the Ethos bolt picutured, the factory bolt will be installed. 24” barrel, with TTI reduced power recoil spring, and trigger springs. I replaced a receiver I damaged wit...
Georgetown, Texas, United States  Shotguns
$1950.00 1 month ago
Basically brand new shot maybe twice. Factory magazine tube included.
Houston, Texas, United States  Shotguns
$1100.00 1 month ago
26 inch 12 gauge Remington Versa Max Synthetic with Integrated X-Rail. Shotgun was built by RCI and holds 27 rounds of shotgun. Has 5 Remington chokes (C, IC, M, IM, F). Has about 500 rounds through the shotgun. Loading Port was opened up for Quad Lo...
San Diego, California, United States  Shotguns
$2200.00 1 month ago
Looking to sell my Mossberg 930 JM Pro. It has a shot saver, extended RCI tube, and has also been widened at the shot shell mouth. I've fed about 300 rounds through it of Federal and Winchester bulk from Walmart without a problem. Please message for ...
Falls Church, Virginia, United States  Shotguns
$700.00 2 months ago
R and R Targets custom modified Saiga 12 shotgun with one 12 round magazine, JP Enterprises Jpoint Red Dot, IC Choke. This shotgun has been custom modified and has a mid barrel compensater, internal choke, adjustable butt stoke, JP JPoint Red Dot 8MO...
Dallas, Texas, United States  Shotguns
$1200.00 2 months ago
Cheetah box fed shotgun. The gun has a CSS oversized charging handle, adjustable stock, and I have epoxied I small piece of pick rail on for red dot. About 500 rounds thru it. I also have the barrel shroud for it.
York, South Carolina, United States  Shotguns
$550.00 2 months ago
12 Gauge Remington Versa Max. Runs great, used for about 8 months for 3 gun. Customized by X-Rail. They did a little work to the loading port to make quad loading a little easier. Oversized safety and bolt release. 10 round monotube with a 2 round ex...
Moscow, Idaho, United States  Shotguns
$1000.00 2 months ago
National Wild Turkey Federation Winchester Model 1300 2 3/4 & 3 12 Gauge Winchok Buyer pays shipping
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States  Shotguns
$250.00 2 months ago
24" barelled Benelli M2 Salient has maybe 200-300 rounds through it Complete with padded bag, Benelli Crio-chokes Qty.4, Briley IC extended (in barrel), Briley choke tool & brush & tub choke grease I'm just not shooting it, too much funds wra...
Atlanta, Georgia, United States  Shotguns
$2500.00 3 months ago
I have several new in the box 8 round shotgun shell caddies. Black with ALS forks. Price includes shipping. $102.00 each.
South Solon, Ohio, United States  Shotguns
$102.00 9 months ago
Beautiful BPS with engraved receiver, in excellent condition. 26" barrel.
Arvada, Colorado, United States  Shotguns
$400.00 9 months ago
This shotgun was used as a loaner and was the actual shotgun that Remington used to make the VersaMax Competition model. Has about 3500 rounds through it. Comes with a Carbon Arms 4, 8 and 10 rounds stainless tube, 8 and 10s with Carbon Fiber Shrouds...
Arvada, Colorado, United States  Shotguns
$1300.00 9 months ago
26” 8 months old comes w all stock chokes and 3 Pure Gold chokes
Wesley Chapel, Florida, United States  Shotguns
$2400.00 10 months ago
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