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Mr shooter brass marking device, works great
Wichita, Kansas, United States  Reloading
$50.00 12 hours ago
New, award from a match , not really interested in reloading.
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States  Reloading Equipment
$400.00 14 days ago
7k large pistol primers (federal, CCI, S&B) for trade for equal number of small pistol primers. Only in Metro Atlanta. Contact: [email protected]
Atlanta, Georgia, United States  Reloading
Free 19 days ago
Brand new Hornady Caliper in plastic case I never used it. Changed my mind about reloading. Add $6.00 for Priority shipping
Rockland, Maine, United States  Reloading Equipment
$35.00 21 days ago
I have 1,200 pcs of brand new virgin Peterson large rifle primer 6XC brass still in the bags. $75 per 100 need to sell the entire 1200 pieces. Price includes shipping thanks for looking!
Nashville, Tennessee, United States  Reloading Supplies
$780.00 28 days ago

Have up for sale a brand new 38 super comp caliber conversion kit and brand new carbide dies. Also have a small pistol case feed plate. All items are new and unused but open box. 38SC conversion kit $135 shipped 38SC Carbide dies $80 shipped Small pi...
Yuma, Arizona, United States  Reloading Equipment
$130.00 1 month ago
XL650 press Electric case feeder Roller handle Strong mount Bullet tray Powder check die Low powder sensor 2 sets 9mm carbide die set XL650 spare parts kit XL650 instruction DVD 1” Bench wrench Small pick up tube Tool head stand 650 tool head 2X micr...
Trafford, Pennsylvania, United States  Reloading Equipment
$1200.00 1 month ago
$50 per 1000, or $475 for 10,000 (in boxes of 1k). Meet in Overland Park/Lenexa area.
Overland Park, Kansas, United States  Reloading Supplies
$50.00 1 month ago
Selling my trusty XL650 as I have too many presses on the bench. $2000 obo Including 8lbs of Titegroup, 5k Winchester SPP, and 10lbs of brass to get you started. No dies or bullets though. Press is a Dillon XL650, made in 2017. 9mm and 40sw conversio...
Houston, Texas, United States  Reloading Equipment
$2000.00 1 month ago
Shooting less with an infant. 5 sealed jugs for $150 ea near HW6 and 290 in Houston.
Houston, Texas, United States  Reloading Supplies
$150.00 1 month ago
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